Time for a hosted phone system?

What is a Hosted Phone System?

Hosted phone systems are advanced telecommunication systems which are controlled from the cloud, all infrastructure is based in the cloud and is owned and maintained by your service provider. You pay a monthly fee for the service and will have no maintenance or repair costs to pay. the most well known cloud based system is Broadsoft it is currently the biggest system used by the biggest providers around the world, Broadsoft itself was recently purchased by Cisco. Having used a variety of systems on the market including Asterisk based systems in our opinion Broadsoft outshines them all which is why we only use Broadsoft for our customers.


Why have a Hosted phone system instead of traditional lines?

Hosted phone systems have many benefits, if your business needs more than a single phone line to operate efficiently a hosted system is well worth a look, each phone gets its own line so all phones can be in use at once, this also counts for incoming calls.

A major benefit is the cost reduction each hosted line can be less than half the cost of a traditional single line and call costs are also reduced.

Features – a hosted phone system can provide you with all the features of an expensive traditional PBX phone system, as standard features with our system include, Caller Display, Voicemail, Caller Greeting, Call Divert, Call Transfer, Hold Music, Call Recording, Time profile (Specify what times to allow the phones to ring and what times to go to voicemail or divert elsewhere)

for a small extra monthly fee you can add an IVR (Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service, ETC)

Smartphone App – We have a Smartphone app enabling you to dial out from your office number and also receive calls.

Hosted Portal – you get your own portal login to enable you to change every aspect of your phone system easily. you can login to the system from anywhere with an internet connection and change where your calls are going, listen to voicemails, playback call recordings, divert calls and so much more.

Who should have a hosted phone system?

Anyone who needs more than a single line, Companies that have home workers, Companies that have more than one site, Companies that want a professional phone system without the expensive equipment and setup charges. We are that confident in our system we options available which dont tie you in to a contract.

For more information visit our Hosted Communications Page or if you have any questions or would like a personalised quote Contact Us