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hosted phone systems

Stay in control, wherever you are


hosted phone system from CTR is controlled by an online portal so you never have to miss a call.

Traditional phone systems can mean expensive upgrades when you need more staff. Our hosted PBX is scalable with your business needs and can cater for an unlimited numbers of phones. With just a few clicks a new user can be set up and activated. This applies if you have multiple offices or staff who work from home. You can also keep your number wherever you go and transfer your current number to our hosted system.

It’s telecoms made easy.

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Features that mean business

Add or remove services as you need them. Pay only for the ones you require. Simple.

The Uboss portal

Making changes to the Cloud UC system is as easy as browsing the web with our amazing management portal.

Call reporting

Each stage of the call is tracked and followed around the business.

Auto-attendant reporting

Uboss knows how callers enter the business and reports on it.

Scheduled reporting

Decide which reports and stats you want, and when to get them.

Heat map report

A graphic representation of peaks and troughs in call patterns.

Call recordings

Create the necessary security permissions for your organisation.

Automated device setup

Configure a device and automatically pull down its profile.

Wizards and widgets

Widgets show status in real-time. Wizards streamline change.

Bulk change tools

Allow mass changes and provide a download of the configuration.

Never lose a call

hosted telecoms

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