Broadband running slow?

Most common causes of slow broadband are:

  •   The voice side of the line is noisy or crackly
  •   The line has been intermittent. This has caused the profile for the line to be reduced
  •   There are local contention issues (especially with time of day related issues)
  •   Certain tasks are slow or intermittent (these could relate to traffic shaping)
  •   The sites / services being accessed have their own server / connectivity issues
  •   The fault is caused by interference on a wireless connection

Firstly check your phone line is clear and free from noise – if your line has crackling or noise on it this should be the first thing to get sorted out.

if the phone line is clear, check the broadband filter plugged in to your phone socket, if you have a spare replace it, check the dsl cable coming from the filter to your router is not damaged.

do you notice the broadband speed slows down at certain times of the day – if so this could be a contention issue where everyone is trying to access the internet at the same time EG when everyone is getting home from work and accessing the internet.

If its just certain tasks that seem to be slow like torrent downloads this could be down to traffic shaping by your provider.

If its just wireless connection where you experience slow broadband this could obviously be the router too far away or something else interfering with the wireless frequency your router is transmitting, most routers allow you to change the wireless channel easily by logging in to the router configuration through your web browser, most routers have the login details on a sticker on the router. once logged in navigate to wireless settings and change the wireless channel, see if you notice an improvement if not change it again.

Do speed tests at different times of the day, we find the most reliable speedtest on BT based broadband is

if all else fails contact your provider, explain to them what you have tried, most providers are happy to help once they know you have completed the basics to ensure its not an internal issue. providers are able to see your connection and will know if it has been dropping out and should also be able to see if your speed has dropped over a given period.